Guzelimian/Ishkhanian/Karamanoukian Family Tree
Guzelimian/Ishkhanian/Karamanoukian Family Tree
Vahe Guzelimian
This is the 29th version of our family tree. The tree’s earliest ancestor is from the 1680s and we now have 8 generations and over 5,100 individuals.

The first version of the Guzelimian tree began with my paternal Great Great Grandfather, Nerses Guzelimian Sr. He was born around 1805 in Aintab. There is a theory that he was a Minassian who had a brother with the same name. So his nickname became Guzelim (Handsome One) to distinguish from his brother. DNA results confirm a Bulbulian common ancestor as well as Ekmekjian and Krajian common ancestors.
My GGG Grandfather ,Nerses Guzelimian, had 5 daughters. Through marriage, this gave rise to connections with the following huge clans: Ishkhanians, Ekmekjians, Karamanoukians, Kutchukians, and Tchakedjians

I, Vahe Guzelimian, have Y chromosome DNA matches with Francis Bulbulian, Leon Krajian, and Heratch Ekmekjian, all from Aintab. The theory that circulated in Francis’ family, independently of the Guzelimians, is that Francis’ ancestors were Minassians who changed their name to Bulbulian because one of them had a pretty voice (sang like a nightingale). The late Garbis Ekmekjian has always maintained that his paternal ancestors were Minassians. Perhaps Guzelimians, Ekmekjians, Krajians and Bulbulians were all descended from a Minassian common ancestor. More genetic testing will bring out the truth. We’re looking for a Minassian from Aintab, Turkey, who is willing to take a DNA test at our expense.

We have done our best to have accurate information. If you find inaccuracies please submit changes, corrections and photos. The genealogy of our families is an important and lasting legacy. It is a great educational resource for members of our family. It also demonstrates the loss of many lives through the termination of many family lines in 1915. Hopefully the Turkish Government will soon acknowledge its responsibility for the Armenian genocides.

Recently we’ve confirmed that my Great Great Grandmother, Horom Karamanoukian, was the daughter of Hagopjan Karamanoukian and Eghsa Danelian (or Danielian), and her ancestors have been incorporated into this tree. The genealogical work of the late Sirvart Kasparian helps takes our tree back to 1680!

NOTE: Some ancestors from around 1700 changed their names from Karamanoukian to Daghlian and to Demirjian. If anyone has family trees that might connect, please let me know, VG

The software used for this tree can generate a variety of graphic charts. One of them, four generations of Guzelimians, is available here:

Here is a chart of the descendants of Nerses Ishkanian, born in 1795:

Here is the family tree of Yeghia Ishkhanian, Nerses’s brother:

Remember that the above charts are over 20 megabytes and they could take a minute or more to load, so please be patient.

If you would like to see a particular branch of the tree as a chart, let me know and I will try to upload it and give you the link.

May 2017 be a healthy and prosperous one for all my relatives.

Vahe Guzelimian